Why I Started a Blog

I started jesshasspoken.com because I was ready to tap into my natural talents and gifts. Throughout the years, I felt like I was kind of looking for myself.

Without a full understanding of what I was good at or what I could bring to the table. I was unsure of what my future was going to look like or how I ended up in a job after job that wasn’t a fit for me.

I was unsure if the people around me would fully understand what I was going through, so I kept most of my thoughts to myself. To help get me through it, I started reading books.

I also found motivational speakers to listen to as well as read daily affirmations. I began to write down my thoughts and feelings into an electronic journal.

A lot of which I turned into my first book “High Character.”

I wanted to help people. I wanted to help people tap into a growth mindset. That can include self-reflection and self-development.

A lot of times the reason we can’t succeed in life is because of what we tell ourselves. We have concentrated on self-limiting beliefs and convinced our minds that we are lacking in one area or another.

I wanted to create something where I can tell my stories. I want to give the tools and resources I used to reset my mind. Along the way, I hope people will be inspired. I hope that you will join in on this journey.

In the writing realm, I started off completing professional resumes as a freelancer in 2013.

Although I am not new to writing, the main reason stated this blog is to have an impact on my reader’s personal life. For me, this about storytelling.

My short-term goal with Content, such as this blog, is to establish a way for people to get to know who I am. Bring excitement to all the self-help genre has to offer.

My long-term goal with this blog is to share as many stories with you as possible. To be a personal transformation advocate. In that journey, I hope that you are inspired to tap into your natural gifts and talents as well. Taking a new perspective and create something that you can’t get fired from (whether that be a blog, a business, or a side hustle.)

Welcome to jesshasspoken.com.