Meet Jess

Business Professional. Writer. Author.

Jess is a respected business professional with extensive experience offering versatile office skills. She has 14 years’ experience navigating the workforce. This includes 5 years in restaurant management, 5 years in banking, 3 years in retail, and has spent the last year working in the legal department at a financial firm. During that time, she has worked at four businesses that rank as Fortune 500 Companies in America. Jess has a proven track record in planning, problem-solving,and adapting to change. Jess has a passion for learning and strives for perfection in everything she does.

In the writing realm, Jess started off completing professional resumes as a freelancer in 2013. She later realized that she was ready to embark on a business venture of her own. Jess has established herself as an entrepreneur owning a publishing company that houses the books that are sold here on this site ( She enjoys helping people to embrace a growth mindset. She has discovered that her passion is serving others. In her spare time, Jess loves to try new cuisine at local restaurants, learn new things, reading, listening to all genres of music and is a fan of live music and attending concerts. Jess is a mother of two amazing daughters and resides in the metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan. Jess is also a proud member of the American Business Women’s Association.



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