3 Reasons I chose Self-Help Genre

What is your favorite type of book? Is it fiction or non-fiction? I chose non-fiction as the category to write my first book.

Inside of non-fiction types of books, there are sub-categories or “genres” to pick from. Some examples include Health/Fitness, Travel, Cookbooks, True Crime, Business, and Self-help.

For example, in my last blog post, “Why I started a blog”, I revealed that I wanted to create my blog as a place where I can tell my stories. I want to give the tools and resources I used to reset my mind. Along the way, I hope people will be inspired. 

Self-help books act as an agent to improve some part of readers lives. Meanwhile, that is right up my alley. Self-help can include topics like:

Negative versus positive thinking, Motivation, Optimism, Happiness, Success, Personal growth, productivity, mind development, self-reflection, relationships, finance, mental help, and so much more.

Most importantly, how did self-help topics win me over?

  1. To share my experiences. 

There’s a lot of challenges we face day-to-day. For instance, with our families, in the workforce, or taking on new challenges. I wish to share my experiences. I want to share lessons that I have learned by making mistakes.

2. To motivate people. 

I have a desire to motivate people that are serious about moving forward and changing their lives. This includes changing your mindset. My goal is to inspire people who come from an urban background as I do.

For instance, we can have self-limiting beliefs because of how we were raised and experiences that have shaped our personalities. I want to encourage people who may be hanging in the balance.

Maybe unsure about which direction their life is going. I want to write books that can stimulate the mind. Bring a different perspective to tap into a growth mindset. 

3. Be your own superhero.

 A lot of times we are looking for a superhero or super-man to come save us from our problems. We are looking for someone to cast all of our sorrows on.

We want someone that can save our lives and save the day for us. BREAKING NEWS! That’s just not going to happen. Learn how to help yourself.

Seek out the resources. You have to seek out the Books, the motivational videos, the motivational podcasts, and the daily affirmations to help yourself move forward.

Don’t wait for someone else to try to fix your life. I challenge you to take on the work to fix your own life. Importantly, this is what I did. It has truly been remarkable to read self-help books like “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero.

To listen to great speakers, like Daymond John from the hit TV show “Shark Tank”. It challenged my thinking and inspired me to go after the desires of my heart.